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Gravel Grab Gravel Grab

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EC90 Aero55 Disc Wheel EC90 Aero55 Disc Wheel

from $980.00 $1,224.99

Crit ready, training tested - these wheels are your go-to for road training and racing.  [Speci Tab] WHEELSET: WEIGHT...
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EA90 SL Disc Wheel EA90 SL Disc Wheel

from $420.00 $524.99

At only 1537 grams this stiff, wide and stealthy aluminum wheelset is a knockout punch to just about...
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EA90 AX Disc Wheel EA90 AX Disc Wheel

from $376.00 $469.99

The all new EA90 AX Wheelset has been designed for days like these – gravel epics, strange roads...
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EA90 Crankarms EA90 Crankarms

$120.00 $149.99

The impressive versatility of our CINCH system comes to our EA90 performance aluminum crankset. The EA90 ticks all...
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Gravel Rings Gravel Rings

$140.00 $174.99

Our new adventure ring combos are a refinement of our proven road doubles, where the shifting has been...
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Road Spider Road Spider

$20.00 $24.99

Utilizing the versatility of the CINCH system, Easton offers spiders with a 45mm chainline optimized modern road bike...
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EC90 SLX Handlebar EC90 SLX Handlebar

$284.80 $355.99

The EC90 SLX is comprised of advanced carbon construction for Easton's lightest road bar to-date. This handlebar features...
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EC70 AERO Handlebar EC70 AERO Handlebar

$264.00 $329.99

With the EC70 Aero, you'll stay comfortable while reducing drag. Thanks to the flattened top profile with internal...
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EC70 AX Handlebar EC70 AX Handlebar

$226.40 $282.99

Easton's new AX series line of bars meets the needs of the growing drop bar adventure and gravel...
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Comman question

Cyclocross bars

"Just getting into Riding?"

We recommend a more durable wheel,
try the EA90 SL Disc Wheel.
See EA90 SL Disc Wheel

Comman question

Cyclocross bars

"Im looking for a versatile and lightweight crank with 1x and 2x options."

We recommend the EC90 SL Crank for lightweight
versatility with 1x and 2x options.
See EC90 SL Crank

Comman question

Cyclocross bars

"I'm looking for more control during
gravel descent."

We recommend the EC70 AX bar for the
best gravel descent control.
See EC70 AX Bar