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Easton Cycling believes that our EC90 carbon wheels built to Vault hubs are top of their class; they are so durable we are offering the following 2 year, no fault, guarantee to the original retail purchaser with proof of purchase. At the discretion of Easton we will, within 2 years of your original purchase, repair or replace your carbon wheel regardless of how the damage occurred or what the damage is. This guarantee covers your complete carbon wheel, including the rim, spokes, and hub with bearings to ensure you have a fully functioning, ride-ready wheel. This guarantee applies to Easton EC90 Carbon Wheels equipped with Easton Vault or Echo 2 hubs.

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A proven staple of the Easton carbon wheel lineup, our EC90 SL wheels have suffered and survived the dedicated testing of countless pro riders and cyclocross elites. And, now, with the release of our Vault hub, we enhance an already dynamic wheelset with our incredible new hub. To create an even more competitive wheelset, we laced the EC90 SL disc Fantom rims to our tested Vault hub - designed to exceed your needs from tarmac to off camber cross courses. Larger bearings on a wider bearing stance and improved seals help to push reliability to a new level. A reversed drive ring configuration gives 60 points of engagement at just 6-degrees for instant acceleration. Included in the box are tool-free swappable end-caps for all major axle standards and 5 extra straight-pull Sapim spokes that match the uniform spoke length through out both wheels. And at 48 grams lighter than our M1 hub, you can enjoy further gram-saving benefits of an already lightweight setup.

The EC90 Aero55s bring the aero to your everyday, helping you focus your preparation without losing a beat. Crit-ready, training tested – this wheelset does it all. Featuring our proven aero Fantom rims laced to the new Vault hubs, this lightweight wheelset offers excellence to riders wanting to test their mettle on the start line with the wheels they’ve been training on all season. You’ll still be able to run your favorite tires without losing aero advantage on the tubeless-ready rims with widths optimized for stability in crosswinds. And now with the Vault hub’s durable bearing design, and fast engagement, you can be ready to excel year round. With the EC Carbon Confidence 2-year no-questions-asked guarantee, tool-free swappable end-caps for all major axle standards, as well as five extra straight-pull Sapim spokes (included with our rear wheels), your EC90 Aero55 wheels will ride true for years to come.

Exploring your limits has never looked so good. the all new EC90 ax carbon wheelset joins Easton’s AX series as high performance, high adventure wheels built to endure. Race-ready weight, reliable design and fire-road tested durability mean you can seek more while stopping less.

When speed is your top priority, control is not far behind. With the EC90 Aero 85 Disc wheelset, we’ve taken the award winning Aero55 Fantom rim profile and upped its game. Mounted to our thru axle or QR compatible Vault road disc hubs, we bring the advanced aerodynamics you’ve come to expect from Easton Aero components and combined them with the all-conditions control disc brakes provide.

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